Funeral Slideshows

Keep a loved one’s memory alive with a Funeral Slideshow that tells their story.

A special tribute video such as this, screened at a service can help family and friends recall the life of their loved one, relive special memories and reflect on moments shared together.


With over 25 years in the video production industry, Armon and Smith Funeral Celebrants will create a beautiful memorial slideshow that will help remember the life of a loved one who has passed and tell their story with dignity and care.

The Funeral Slideshow is given to you after the service as a keepsake, and can help with the grieving process, allowing you the time and privacy to watch again at a later date, reflect and remember those precious and unique moments.


The slideshow is provided to you on DVD for ease of viewing and is presented in a DVD case, fully customised to reflect your loved one’s memory.

Option 1

Up to 50 photos set to one song*

Option 2

Up to 80 photos set to two songs*

Includes scanning and retouching of photos where necessary.  *One song is based on average of 3 mins.

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