Memorial Services


What is the difference between a Memorial service and a Funeral service?

In a traditional funeral, the service takes place before the body is buried or cremated. In contrast, a memorial service takes place after the burial or cremation.

When should I hold a memorial service?

A memorial service can take place when you are ready, whether that’s a week or a year after your loved one’s passing. 

How much do Memorial Services cost?

Generally speaking, memorial services are far less expensive to hold and arrange compared to traditional funeral services because the body is not present.

Due to the rising cost of funerals, memorial services combined with a direct cremation (i.e. a no service no attendance cremation) are becoming a more popular option for families seeking a funeral that does not cost the earth. Memorials are no less respectful or meaningful than traditional funerals.

Where can I hold a Memorial Service?

It is much easier to hold a Memorial Service due to the fact that the body is not present.  This means there are really no limits to where a service can be held.  One of our favourite places to hold a service is at Braeside Chapel in Merrimac.  Not only is the chapel very beautiful but they also have excellent catering facilities.  Other places to consider holding a memorial would be:

  • A hall or community centre

  • A beach or park

  • Family home

  • RSL or favourite restaurant

  • Bowls club or other club with special meaning

  • A place of family significance

  • Paddle outs – where surfers paddle out beyond the breakwater

  • Theatre

  • Forest or bush


* some locations may require special council permits.

How do I plan a Memorial Service?

This is where we can help you.  Craig and I are experienced funeral and memorial celebrants and can help you plan the perfect send off for your loved one.  The one thing we understand about Memorials is there are no hard and fast rules.  It really is about building a service that is right for you, your family and your loved one. Whether you want a non-secular or religious service we can accommodate your wishes.  Some common elements in memorial services may include:

  • Family members speaking

  • Children reading poems or showing pictures they have drawn

  • Singing songs or singing hymns

  • Playing musical instruments

  • Reading a Eulogy

  • Reading poems or prose

  • Prayer or blessing

  • A time of reflection

Can I plan my own memorial or funeral whilst I am living?

Absolutely, one of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to leave instructions of what you would like at your funeral or memorial. 


When a loved one dies it is an incredibly emotional time.  Knowing what someone wanted at their farewell is a wonderful gift for family and friends left to organise a service at such a difficult time. 

We offer a service called My Funeral Wishes, which allows you to plan your own funeral ceremony.  For more details, visit My Funeral Wishes.