Our Poetry

Our Poetry Journey

Our passion for writing poetry started when we were doing a funeral for a beautiful lady who loved gardening. We searched high and low for just the right poem but couldn't find what we wanted.  We could find many beautiful poems about gardening but nothing that felt personal and unique. 


So, we attempted to pen a poem ourselves based on our conversations with the family.  We discovered a new talent and one that has been an incredible journey for us both.  We always write together and when we create a poem for a family it is read in our bespoke service and then a framed keepsake is given to the family to take home. 


We do not write poems for every funeral and memorial that we do, as often families have already chosen readings and prose that are perfect for their loved ones. 

The Gardener
Copy of Untitled
The House that Wally Built By Kate Armon
Her Last Encore
The last Ride
The Sun is Up
The-Mecahnic copy