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Celebrants from around the World

What I am learning about 'Celebrants around the world' is that they are a genuinely friendly bunch of people. You would think that because we are all technically in competition with each other that that would cause us all to remain fervently over-protective of our own little sphere, but honestly you can put a question out into the ether and within 10 minutes you have 10 unique answers back. You can say a lot of bad things about social media but one really wonderful thing it does or can do is bring people together.

You can feel quite isolated being a Celebrant, you tend to work on your own a lot. Yes, you meet with couples or families depending on what sort of ceremony you are doing, but basically you are on your own.

In Australia, it is now law that Celebrants have to do a Certificate IV in Celebrant’s Studies before they can register with the Attorney General’s office. After you are registered that’s it; you are off on your own. It’s funny because when I moved from NZ (although originally from UK) I felt almost affronted at the fact I was being made to do a certificate in an occupation I had been already performing for five years. However, I can honestly say it was one of the most valuable experiences of my time as a Celebrant. I also realised you should never stop learning or improving your skills, there is literally always something new you can do to add to your skill set. Part of being a good Celebrant is growth, not only professionally, but also personally. Listening to those who are around you, those with more experience and those who want to help you.

For years I have missed the people I did my class with. I loved the way we were able to discuss ideas and talk about ceremonies. I loved what the others in my group could bring to my work, the collaboration was amazing. When we all went our separate ways we created a little Facebook group and kept in touch, we helped each other out and answered questions for each other. But last week I decided I wanted even more a wider net of experience, a greater pool of knowledge than the eleven of us.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many groups on Facebook from federations, associations and forums for Celebrants (and it would be true to say I belong to them all!) however, I just thought, ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to admin a group of Celebrants from every corner of the globe?’ Can you imagine the wealth of knowledge that could be shared between such a group? I decided to be brave and create a group called ‘Celebrants from around the World’.

We have only been running a few days but I am already glad I did it, we have nearly reached 30 members already and the sharing has started, with help being offered from every corner of the Globe. We already have members from the United States, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. I have spent much of my day individually contacting people around the Globe to get them to join our movement. Our only rule – be nice and share what you know.

I find ‘networking’ so difficult I am always the girl in the corner of events looking at the floor hoping no one will talk to me. My extrovert side suddenly disappears and I become nervous and dare I say, shy. In the space of a few days this group has enabled me to talk to numerous new people in my industry, make some new friends and gain an amazing amount of new knowledge. I am so excited to see how our new group will grow and how we will grow as Celebrants being a part of it.

Kate x

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