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The Sacred Art of Writing Your Spiritual Will (and Why You Need to Write One)

Imagine this for one minute:

You’ve just finished writing the most important letter of your life. The letter that speaks directly from your heart, captures your essence and shares you values, traditions, beliefs, wisdom and dreams for the future. Your heart is full of gratitude; your soul feels alive. You know that the recipient of your letter - usually a partner, child or closest loved one - will receive the greatest gift of all when you die. You’ve done it!

This is what it feels like to complete your Spiritual Will (or Legacy Letter).

As a passionate advocate for this little-known practice I’ve experienced firsthand how powerful it can be. Writing down your legacy for future generations to read and share is seriously transformational and a sacred ritual you should invest time and energy into.

So what is a Spiritual Will?

A Spiritual Will, also known as an Ethical Will or Legacy Letter, is a letter written to your loved ones (or even lifelong rivals) that puts down on paper all the Big Life Questions (BLQs) like your values, beliefs, lessons learned and family traditions so that you can weave them into your own legacy and strengthen the ties between you and future generations. It’s a way for you to pay it forward, gifting them with your wisdom, knowledge, blessings and dreams so they can carry this with them as they move forward with their life after you’ve passed away. The direction you take the letter is completely up to you, but the way I teach Spiritual Wills is all about heart; opening your heart, being vulnerable and truthful and exploring parts of you that you might have buried many moons ago.

How do I write a Spiritual Will?

Luckily for you I’ve created a free template that you can download and work through at your own pace. This template breaks down all the Big Life Questions so you can get a clear idea of where you want your letter to go. Once all these are mapped out, you can get started writing your letter. I suggest typing up a copy at first and then tweaking it as time goes on, before writing it out by hand.

What can I expect from a Spiritual Will?

Writing your Spiritual Will isn’t about contemplating your death, although you might consider that as you write. Instead it’s a unique way to think about your life. The process I’ve designed helps you take a hard look at how you’re currently living, reflect on that and then use your new finding to master and manifest your life moving forward. It’s inspirational, uplifting and positive and it’s never too early to too late to get your ideas down on paper. There’s no time like the present!

About Yasemin Trollope: Yasemin Trollope is the founder and head funeral guide at Rite of Passage Funerals, a Gold Coast-based business offering unforgettable funerals from Ballina to Brisbane. She’s passionate about educating people on their end-of-life and funeral options and wants to empower you to take back control of the dying, lean into your fears of death and live a more meaningful, purpose-filled life right now. You can download her Spiritual Will template here and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

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