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A Legacy for the Future

This week I am handing over my blog to the amazing team at Capsula Mundi. Anna Citeli and Raoul Bretzel are the creative minds behind the Capsula Mundi project. It is a truly inspiring project that both fascinates me and makes me question everything I know an. So, please welcome the Capsula Mundi Team with 'A Legacy for the Future'.


Often people asks us where the idea of Capsula Mundi was coming from. It was a long time ago when we started thinking about the approach of our culture to the death and the role of design in our life and death. We were two young designers and we had been invited to participate at the major furniture fair in Europe, the Salone del Mobile, in Milan. In that context, it was difficult to introduce a project about death, a quite uncomfortable topic for most of us. We were afraid about the reaction of the public. Eventually, things went well, beyond all expectations. We were actually offering a way out from the weight of the cultural taboo on death. People were enthusiastic.

This reaction pushed us to go ahead with the idea and to make it real! Since then we have been working at sensitize people about green burial options and to spread our concept. Generally speaking our society try to remove the death. We all expected to be always healthy and young. But this is not real. Death is part of our life, it’s natural. Our aim is to bring us back to that cycle of life. From a biological point of view, death is not the end but the beginning of a way back to nature: the body produces new elements through natural transformations. With Capsula Mundi, we become a tree.

We have designed an egg-shaped pod made of biodegradable material, where the body will be laid down in a fetal position. The pod will then be buried as a seed in the earth. A tree, chosen in life by the deceased, will be planted on top of it, as a legacy for future generations and the future of the planet. Family and friends will take care of it.

The Capsula for the body is composed of an external part, with a rigid pod made of biodegradable material, and the internal part, made to order, to contain the body. It also serves as a stabilizer for the body during the transportation and the burying. The Capsula is laid down vertically in a hole in the ground, and a young tree could be planted on top of it. The process of the anaerobic decomposition starts involving the body and the material of the Capsula and leads to their mineralization. The tree completes this transformation process, engaging and complex, that brings us back to the cycle of life. The Capsula for the body is still in a start-up phase but we’re working at it.

At the moment we have put on sale the Capsula Mundi urn, our first big achievement. It is a device for the slow dispersal of the ashes in the soil made with a semi hand-crafted production, using a biodegradable material.

Capsula Mundi does not interfere with cultural and religious issues: everyone is free to choose their own ritual or farewell ceremony and subsequently use Capsula Mundi. In Australia, green burials are a reality and an option for everyone who wants to take care of the environment and leave a positive legacy for the future.

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