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Modern Technology at Weddings

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

How do you feel about modern technology at your wedding?  It might be something you haven't really given any thought to.  I know I hadn't until one particular wedding I did, where as the bride walked down the aisle and it occurred to me that her view of loved ones and friends must just look like a sea of mobile devices. It was at another wedding where the first ban of mobile devices happened, the bride telling me she wanted to be the first to post on her social media sites and could I think of a polite way of asking the guests to not use their mobile devices during the ceremony and then any other pictures they took not to post to social media. 

It really got me thinking about how times were changing.  I know I am as bad as the next person, checking my facebook/Twitter and instagram, it's like having a friend in your pocket.  Did this bride have a point? Well actually I think she did, the difference in emotions at the second wedding the 'technology free' wedding was amazing.  People actually stopped what they were doing and paid attention, they smiled, they laughed, there was no hiding behind their ipads at this wedding.  It was beautiful and intimate and on another plus side they had a very happy photographer with an uninterrupted view of the proceedings.

On the downside of course is you don't get all those casual photos from a hundred different angles.  So maybe the answer is to have your photographer and then ask just a handful of friends to take some incidental shots on their mobile devices? 

As far as social media goes well that's a personal choice too but it's definitely something to think about in this age of technical wizardry.

Kate x

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