Live Streaming & Videography

At Armon & Smith Funeral Services, we understand that organising a funeral or memorial service can be a difficult task. During these current times in particular not everyone is able to attend, and those that are able to attend, are often lost in the emotion of the day.


We have partnered with live streaming experts, The Livestreamers to bring you the highest quality funeral live streams.


Live Streaming allow you to invite friends and family to watch the service as it is happening. These services are Live Streamed privately with password access for viewers. After the service, the footage is then created into a beautiful edited version, integrating pictures and music from the day and a keepsake USB stick, within a professionally designed bespoke case.

Not everyone wants to Live Stream, The Livestreamers also offer a Video only service. This allows them to capture the day and create beautiful and touching videos that allows the viewer to feel like they are there.  It also allows you to look back at a later time when you are able. You can revisit the ceremony, readings, eulogies and see who attended the day. 

The service is carefully crafted and professionally edited, integrating chosen music and any slideshows screened on the day. The final edited service is completed within 7 days and is presented to you on a custom USB stick within a professionally designed bespoke case.  This allows you to share the file with family and friends.  They can also make available to you, at your request, a download link.


Contact The Livestreamers today on 0458 320 669